Boat 228

Boat 228 was one of the 12 boat cars built for Blackpool in 1933 - 34. The tram spent many years allocated to Marton Depot and operated on circular and promenade tours as well as specials. In 1963 the tram was allocated to Bispham Depot following Marton Depot's closure the previous year and following that depots closure in October 1963, the tram was allocated to the newly reopened Blundell St depot in 1964.

228 was re-numbered 603 in 1968.

In 1976, the tram was loaned to Philidelphia as part of the USA Bi-centenial celebrations. The tram's trucks had to be reguaged from the standard 4ft 8 1/2 inches to 5 ft 3 inches to allow it to operate as well as the removal of the distinctive trolley tower.

The tram returned to Blackpool following its use in the celebrations and was stored. Its seats were removed for use in the restoration of open topped balloon 706 (Princess Alice).

The tram was then donated Muni in San Franscisco and was repainted from Philadelphia livery into original 1930's Blackpool green and cream, and restored to standard gauge by Muni crafts workers. The tram entered service during second Trolley Festival, replacing sister car 601 which was on loan to Muni from the Western Railway Museum in Rio Vista Junction.

Muni renumbered 603 and it took up its original number of 228.

In 1995 228 began a successful career of serving the 6 mile long F-Market line, which was built as a result of successful Trolley Festivals.

From 2000 the tram begins serving F-line extension on Embarcadero to Fisherman’s Wharf.

228 has been made accessible for disabled travellers. The tram has been made single ended (can only be driven from one end) with disabled access at the rear of the tram.

As at December 2008, 228 is operating at weekends due to unseasonably mild temperatures. The tram is currently decked out in strings of lights (similar to 600) for the Christmas season as shown in the Photographs below.

Thanks go to Robert Parks who is one of 228's regular drivers for taking the photos shown below and for kindly allowing me to show them on my site.

228 sits outside Pier 39 San Francisco on 28.11.08

228 in the twilight on 28.11.08

228 sits outside Pier in the winter sunshine San Francisco on 28.11.08

A rare image from the car barn with 228 and 578S (1895) outside...normally they stay inside the shop building.

228 On the loop at the Ferry getting ready to Go Around to let some regular service cars get back on time.

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