News update

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of recent updates, this has been due to some computer problems.

I was in Blackpool for the Scottish September weekend on the Sunday and Monday. Here are my sightings


Fleetwood Service

700, 707, 709, 711, 713, 718, 719

723 replaced 707 on service in the afternoon.

Cleveleys Serivce

701, 712, 715, 720, 721


66, 147, 626, 630, 631, 641, 644, 646, 647, 660, 680, 710, 722, 726

Illuminations Tour


This was the first time I have been to Blackpool and seen and even been on 660, I must admit it is a brilliant car and well kept inside and out. I also saw Balloon 713 for the first time since it's overhaul and I think it looks no worse than any of the other modernised balloons.

713 seems to be quite elusive as it seemed to be in the 'wrong' place for me to get a photo of it. I always seemed to miss it. Never mind, always next time.

The only major complaint about this day was that all the specials seemed to dissapear by 9 pm apart from 647 which only ran between Pleasure Beach and Cabin. This meant that the trams were busy and running late on service and leaving people behind on the prom.


Fleetwood Service

700, 713, 718, 719, 723, 672+682, 674+684

Cleveleys Service

701, 710, 712, 721, 722


626, 631, 644, 646, 647

other news

600 returned to service during the summer
Heater fitted Brush Car 627 and Railcoach 679 are in line for a return to service during the winter due to a shortage of availiable railcoaches to operate the Saturday only Cleveleys service

713 has returned to service in an all over white livery and is now the same shape as 701, 711, 719 and 723.
717 is the next balloon car to be overhauled
641 has taken over the Orion Bingo advert carried by 648 as the latter is now being overhauled. 648 will be restored to original condition (hopefully wihout all the breakdowns)

As there has been a large number of repaints in the fleet this year, I have listed them below

  • 626 from Sandcastle advert to Blackpool Zoo Advert
  • 641 from Kit Kat advert to Orion Bingo Advert
  • 660 from 50's green and cream to 60's green and cream
  • 675+685 from green and cream to line 5 Red and Yellow Metro
  • 701 from 30's green and cream to Palm Beach Hotel Advert
  • 707 from green and cream to Buchaneer family bar advert
  • 709 from green and cream to Sea Life Centre Advert
  • 711 from green and cream to Brannigans Advert
  • 713 all over white
  • 715 from green and cream to Mystique Advert
  • 721 from Michelins advert to Hot Ice Advert
  • 722 from Pontins Advert to Transport and General Workers Union Advert
  • 762 from Unison advert to unison advert


  • 701 has returned to service with an advert for Palm Beach Hotel
  • 722 has also returned to service
  • 602 has returned to service in place of Fleetwood 40 which has a blown motor.
  • Stockport 5 has returned to service.
  • 762 has returned to service in an advert for Unison


    Trams 626 and 711 have returned to service following their recent repaints. 701 has been seen in the paint shop being repainted yellow for an all over advert. 722 has been moved to the paint shop and is currently receiving grey primer. 762 has been out on test in an all yellow base coat following a refurbishment.


    The Blackpool Trams Yahoo Group reports that balloon 722 has been in the Fitting Shop for attention recently, meaning a possible return to service (in a limited capacity). It has also been reported that Brush 625 could be in line for a return to service.


    news update

  • 626 has a new advert. Its for Blackpool Zoo.
  • 711 also has an advert for Brannigans.
  • 707 has returned to service in an all over advert for the Bucaneer Family Showbar
  • 713 is still being repannelled and should hopefully return to service in August
  • 762 is still being repainted.
  • 645 is being repanelled and the trucks are being refurbished
  • 604 and 605 have seen service on specials at the weekends and are classed as reserve pool cars along with Sheffield 513 and Brush 623.


    sightings 700, 702, 703, 709, 710, 715, 718, 719, 720, 721, 723, 724, 726, 672+682

    driver training 622, 623

    Trams 622 and 623 have been used as Driver training trams

    711 and 626 are in the paint shop for a repaint. I have uploaded a photo's page photo page


  • 707, 715 and 721 have returned to service in their new all over adverts
  • 604 and 622 have seen use on specials at the weekends


    sightings 27.5.05

  • Fleetwood service 700,709,711,718,719,724,671+681
  • Cleveleys Service 642,643,644,646
  • specials 647
  • driver training 147


    Mothballed tram 623 has seen use in service due to a shortage of single deckers. I was in Blackpool on Monday and Tuesday this week. Here are my sightings.


  • Fleetwood Service 700, 710, 718, 719, 720, 723, 724
  • Cleveleys Service 642, 643, 644, 647
  • Specials 678
  • Driver Training 630, 631


  • Fleetwood service 700, 709, 671+681 (711), 718, 719, 723, 724
  • Cleveleys service 642, 644, 646, 647
  • Specials 701, 702, 720, 726
  • Driver Training 630, 631

    I took some photos, these will be posted soon.


    Mothballed tram 622 has been returned to service. This is because the tram is carrying a valid advert for Glyngarry Windows. It has been out on specials and is expected remain in service for the rest of the year.


    Latest news update


    From May till June the Starr Gate - Fleetwood is to be operated by railcoaches 678, 680, 626, 630, 631, trawler 633, and vintage trams such as 660, 147 and Fleetwood 40.



  • 703 has been reinstated to service. This popular tram is to replace balloon 708.
  • 708 has been withdrawn. Following an inspection of the car, it was found that the body was in a far worse state than originally thought. Following use as a snowplough during the winter, the car has been stored.
  • 713 is still being refitted.
  • 715 is still in all over white, waiting for vynals for an all over advert.
  • 721 is also still in all over white awaiting vynals for an advert.
  • 722 may also return to service, it is in a newly created reserve pool which will allow it to return to service if need be.


  • 678 this tram will be withdrawn when it's advert contract runs out.
  • 679 this tram is also been added to the reserve pool and will make a return to service full time when 678 is withdrawn.

    Millenium Cars

  • 707 has been painted all over black for an advert
  • 709 has been painted all over white for an advert

    Jubilee cars

  • 762 is still receiving it's overhaul

    Centenary cars

  • 645 work has started on this trams overhaul.

    Twin Cars

  • 675+685 has finally returned to service.

    Boat Cars

    all boat cars and Sheffield 513 have been added to the reserve pool meaning a chance of some use this year.


    Latest News Update

  • Jubilee 762 and Balloon 713 are both in the fitting shop receiving exterior panelling.
  • Withdrawn brush car 636 has been fitted with an experimental motor and has been out on test.
  • 4 trams will be used for the FTS tour later in the year, these are expected to be Coronation 304, and the withdrawn boat 604, Sheffield 513 and Brush 625.


    Latest News Update

    Millenium Tram 707 is in the paint shop receiving a white undercoat to allow it to receive an all over advert.

    Last Sunday there was 4 trams used for a shuttle service on the Foxhall / Blundell Street Tracks. The 4 trams used were 66, 147, 700 and 678.

    Also cars 700, 630 and 631 have been noted out and about on the tramway, it is not known whether they were on test or driver training.

    Finally OMO 10 which is located at a Conference Centre in Reading is to be scrapped. However the LTT group are going to remove any parts that can be reused on the restoration of OMO8.


    Latest news update

    FTS have put in a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for funds to restore the Western Train to working order. Given the Historic Importance of this tram, it will be a restoration and not a rebuild.

    762 is on course for a return to service at Easter with the tram now receiving most of it's exterior panelling.

    Work is also progressing on 660 and 713 which should return to service soon (hopefully)

    It looks like Balloon 708 has bitten the dust. It is reported that either 703 or 722 will be reinstated in its place.


    Trackwork starts

    The tramway is closed between Starr Gate and Tower until Easter, to allow track replacement between the Pleasure Beach and Manchester Square.


    More News

    636 is set to become a test tram to test new equipment.

    OMO 10 to be scrapped

    The Former OMO tram which is now at a Conference Centre in Reading is to be scrapped because the company no longer has a use for it and it is to big to leave the buildng so by the end of this month, it will be no more


    Fleet news

  • 645 receiving a mid life refurbishment in the same style as 641 and 642
  • 648 should receive a 'heritage' overhaul when 645 is complete
  • 762 is receiving a mid life refurbishment including an overhauled underframe and new windows.
  • 713 is currently in the fitting shop receiving panelling
  • 717 should receive an overhaul once car 713 is complete

    Withdrawn Brush Car adverts transferred.

    Trams Magazine reports that 4 adverts will be transferred from withdrawn Brush Cars to Double Deckers. The following cars are expected to receive all over adverts.

  • 707 - to receive The Buchaneer show bar advert currently on Car 627.
  • 709 - to receive The Sea Life Centre advert from Car 632.
  • 715 - to receive its first ever all over advert for Mystique currently on Car 623
  • 721 - which has been painted all over white is expected to take the advert for Hot Ice from Car 621