News 2006



Following a long campaign for funding, the Western Train (733+734) is to be restored to its original 1962 condition. The two trams which make up the Western Train will be rewired, their underframes and body work strengthened and the interiors restored. 734 (the trailer) will be restored (inside) to its 1928 condition from its previous life as Pantograph 174. Work is about to start and will be completed by 2008.


News Round up


Following a severe deterioration in the track south of Manchester Square, funding was secured for a complete relay of the track between Manchester Square and Pleasure Beach this winter. Work is expected to start this January and be completed for Easter. The line south of Manchester square is to remain closed during this time with a replacement bus service in operation.


  • 622 - All over white to Pontins Advert
  • 680 - Central Pier advert to Merrie England Bar advert
  • 641 - Orion Bingo - New Orion Bingo Advert
  • 642 - Mecca Bingo - All over yellow
  • 648 - All over white - VUE Cinema advert

    Fotopic Site

    The fotopic site has been updated. New photos include 600 - night shot, 604 on prom and going into service, 622 in new pontins livery, 630, 680 in Merrie England Bar Advert, 671+681 and 674+684 night shot, 700 front shot, 706, 709, 711, 718, 719, 723 McDonalds advert, 726, 762, 66, 633 and 736, 641, 642 and 648. To view these pictures click here

    View my weekend report here: September Weekend Report


    Railcoach 680 has received a new all over advert for the North Pier, replacing its previous, much more colourful advert for the Central Pier. 712 has finally made its debut in service for 2006 having been sidelined for works attention since before Easter. Trampower 611 (the experimental tram) derailed at Starr Gate in May causing chaos to the tram service.


    Standard 147 has been mothballed temporarily due to the condition of the track south of Manchester Square, Boat 604 has been reinstated to service in it's place. Balloon 723 has received a new advert, it now has an advert for McDonalds, replacing the advert for Pasaje De Terror / Ripleys which it had worn since 1998. The Summer service has started, it is the same as last year with 7 trams on Fleetwood Service and 5 on the Cleveleys service. My report from the May Bank Holiday Weekend is now availiable here


    News Update

    Following the Withdrawal of the Pleasure Beach advertising contract, Cars 721, 715, 723 and possibly 720 have had their adverts removed for Pleasure Beach attractions. In fact Rumours are circulating that 720 will be mothballed due to flooring problems. 604 has been mothballed also there is the possibility that 680 will also be mothballed following the expiry of its contract. 622 has remerged for another season and will shortly be receiving a new advert for Pontins.

    Livery changes

  • 622 - Glyngary Advert - (To be Confirmed)(Possibly Pontins)
  • 648 - all over white
  • 713 - all over white to Asda Fleetwood
  • 715 - Mystique Advert to All over white
  • 718 - City Sightseeing Advert - Vodka Kick Advert
  • 721 - Hot Ice - All Over White
  • 723 - Pasaje de Terror / Ripleys - (To Be Confirmed)