July 2010 - A week in Blackpool

Sunday 18th

I arrived in Blackpool around 4pm.   There was 11 trams in service with 644, 647, 672+682, 707, 761 and 717 on specials with 762, 709, 711, 719 and 724 on the Cleveleys service.  

Monday 19th

There was only 5 trams used in service on this day, these were 719, 709, 724, 711 and 717.   761 replaced 709 during the afternoon.   There was 2 trams used for driver training and testing of the line north of Cleveleys.   These were 631 and 737.

Tuesday 20th

Again only the basic service ran however 2 changeovers gave some interest on this washout of a day.   709, 762, 724, 719 and 707 started the service, however 719 developed a wiper fault and had to be replaced with 723 making its debut in its new advert for the Sands Venue, whilst later on 761 replaced 709.   626 and 631 were out on driver training duties during the morning and afternoon.

Wednesday 21st

Again only 5 trams were used on service with 707, 761, 724, 762 and 719 the trams used.   647 and 147 were seen on driver training and conductor training respectively.   Notes for this day are incomplete as I spent the day in Manchester on the tour of Old Trafford and had my first ever trip on the Metrolink which I would recommend to everybody.   Trams spotted in Manchester were 2003, 1001, 1017, 1022, 3012, 1024, 1011, 2004

Thursday 22nd

Yet again there was only 5 trams out on service and today for what could be the 1st time this year, there was a Brush Car running on a service route.   630 (which I think was on route 5)  was operating possibly due to a shortage of double deckers (although 717 appeared to be out on driver training duties) along side 709, 762, 711 and 723, whilst 630's sister cars 626 and 631 joined 717 on driver training duties.

Friday 23rd

On to the last day of my holidays and would you believe it, after a week of  mostly heavy rain, it was a glorious day.   However as has been the pattern of the week, only 5 trams were used in service.   Todays culprits were 707, 724, 717, 761 and 719.   626 and 631 were on Driver training whilst interest was provided on the Condutor Training by the use of the beautiful 147.

My thoughts on the week.

To be honest, this summer I have taken the least number of photos of the tramway, with the 5 car service and only 9 availiable deckers that could be used, there was just the same trams out every day.   719 and 723 provided the most interest with their new liveries whilst the used of 717 was another positive, however a couple of specials especially on the Friday when Blackpool was busy and the weather was good would have made a difference, especially  if 602, 604, 147 or 706 were used and from a totally selfish point of view, 632 would have been good to see too.