Tram Sunday 2006

Coronation 304 at Fleetwood Ferry, Tram Sunday 2006

I arrived in Blackpool at 1.30pm having caught the train at 10.00. I waited at North Pier in the sweltering heat but couldnt get on 602 as it was full, 718 was only going as far as Thornton Gate, then finally I managed to get on 711. 711 is a nice car inside but there are 2 things wrong with it, 1) the hopper windows dont let any air in and 2) its hard to see out with the contravision advert stickers on the windows. When the tram arrived at Fleetwood, I got some photos including 602, 713 and Fleetwood 40. I couldnt believe it, I have been coming to Blackpool for years and this is the first time I have seen, let alone take a photo of Fleetwood 40. Then I walked up Lord street, bought a few things and headed to the Ferry where I got some photographs of Trampower 611 and 304. Again this is the first time I have seen either of these trams and was impressed by both of them especially 304 which is an amazing tram. Well done to all those who restored her.

Then I walked back down the street to the temporary terminus at Ash Street where I got some more photos including yet another first for me, Stockport 5. Then it was off back to Blackpool. I had the misfortune of sitting up agiainst the Wall in 719 (the ice cream tram) and couldnt see a thing. I decided to get off at Cleveleys and catch the next tram (761) to Cabin where I saw 600 in the centre track. I got a few photos of it and caught it as far as Tower(it was returning to depot) and took some photos including engineering car 754 (yet another first for me) at Tower, then I caught 633 to Pleasure beach, then unlucky for me, 719 back to North Pier, where I took more photos and then a visit headed home.

other notes

Also noted was that Brush 626, 631 and centenaries 643 and 646 came out late in the afternoon, heading straight to Fleetwood whilst 633, 715, 719 and 726 returned to depot and 600 re-emerged within 1/2 an hour of returning to depot. 713 which had been a static exhibit along with 605 and 304 returned to depot as specials arriving back between 5.45 and 6.00.

Fleetwood Service (a special service was in operation)

709, 711, 718, 723, 724, 761, 762

Cleveleys service

710, 712, 720, 721, 722


600, 602, 706, 703, 715, 719, 726, 642, 643, 646, 626, 631, 633

Static Displays (later specials with the exception of 611)

605, 713, 304, 611

Vintage Shuttle (between Ash Street and Thornton Gate)

5, 40, 66

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